C. N. Nevets

Author of complex, compelling stories
featuring vivid characters and fascinating worlds
with rich cultural and historical contexts.

Join his characters on their adventures
as they struggle to create lives
for themselves and those they love.

C. N. Nevets


Ordinary people face extraordinary challenges every day. In the crucible of life-and-death adventure, people from all walks of life are put face to face with challenges that may cause us to wonder who is ordinary and who is extraordinary? In times both dark and light, we all search for hope, a sense of purpose, and the answer to what is the right thing to do?

Anthropology  teaches us about the value of both insiders’ experiential perspective and the outsiders’  analytical examination.  The discipline also urges us to focus on the lived experience of people, as they themselves understand it.  Anthropology has been described as the study of all people at all times and in all places.  While no one person should attempt to understand all of that, it a drive which suits the ever-curious Nevets. That drive to explore and understand people and the their lives is the foundation for the stories he tells and the fantasy worlds in which they take place.