Cantaloupe (flash fiction story)


Variety is the spice of life. Or death.

A guy can only eat so much cantaloupe.  I mean, for crap’s sake, I been eating cantaloupe for a week.  Every meal.  Every fricking meal.  Cantaloupe.

Had a couple blueberries with it the other day.  That was awesome.  I mean, awesome.  Full of awe-inspiring thunderous greatness that would put the fear of God into a church mouse.

But mostly it was cantaloupe.

When this whole thing started I thought about eating a burger, but I didn’t wanna take on the fat and the calories.  I guess I could have varied the burger, though.  Some days lots of veggies, some days fancy sauces, maybe not even always made out of beef.  Not much you can do with a cantaloupe.

I also could have gone for some chicken and grilled veggies.  I love chicken. I love grilled veggies.  But that one was gonna cost.  It wasn’t gonna be cheap neither.

‘Sides, I needed some of the vitaminiums that’re in the cantaloupe.  Plus, my girlfriend had too much cantaloupe in her garden.  And plus, it’s not all bad.  It tastes good, it looks pretty, it smells like a fresh summer morning.

Thing is, I’m allergic to cantaloupe.

by C. N. Nevets

flash fiction originally published july 2012,
edited and reposted in March 2020

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  1. I spit out my coffee at that last line! I so love your flash. It never fails to zing. 🙂

  2. C. N. Nevets says:

    I love writing flash. 🙂 It suits me well. I have a whole bunch of stories from college that were less stories than cobbled-together pieces of flash that speak to a common theme.

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