Reading Davin Malasarn in the Waves

 I took The Wild Grass out, and set seiza in the waves.  I read like that.  Embraced by the water in which I feel more at home than I feel on land.  Rocked about, struggling for balance against the same water.

Cantaloupe (flash fiction story)

A guy can only eat so much cantaloupe. I mean, for crap’s sake, I been eating cantaloupe for a week. Every meal. Every fricking meal. Cantaloupe.

Fail in What You Love

All— Change is part of life.  So are set-backs.  So are re-directions, mis-directions, and forgetting to ask for directions.  No matter what your pursuit, you will, at times, feel like your legs are being swept out from under you or you’re being kicked in the gut. That’s why it’s so important to embrace your passion…

R. N. Morris: When There’s Nothing Left but Guts

Guest piece originally posted on Nevets.QST as part of a series in which authors discussed how they first came to be published. His content remains unchanged from the original. Originally written in 2011 and published on Blogger. Most authors have experienced rejection.  Many of us have faced it so many times we begin to take…