Published Shorts

Below you will find information about various short stories that C. N. Nevets has written and published over the years.

“The Green Door” (horror)

A man, desperate to escape the boredom of his new life, opens a mysterious green door and journeys into the darkness.  

Published by The Rusty Nail literary magazine. The on-line publication is no longer available, but you may be able to find copies of the printed volume which is Issue 7 (September 2012). Nevets was honored to be the top-listed story on the cover of this volume.

“Kansai Oniisan” (suspense)

A young Japanese pop-star struggles with his own cultural identity while facing a deadly count-down.

Published in the print anthology, Stories for Sendai.

“Terminal Instar” (psychological horror)

​​​​​​​​​​​A man feels isolated until one woman gives him a reason to break down those walls at any cost.  

Published in the print anthology, Notes from Underground.

“Death, be not Me” (psychological horror)

​​​​​​​​​​​​A forensic anthropologist finds comforting self-assurance in the gruesome deaths of others.

 Published in the anthology, Genre Wars.

“The Best Medicine” (literary fiction)

​A man finds himself the butt of a joke at which the whole rest of the world seems to be laughing.

Published in the anthology, Genre Wars.

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